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Sost connects businesses with skilled professionals from around the world, with a focus on Africa. Our platform provides an easy and efficient way for companies to find and hire talented freelancers from a variety of industries, including tech, design, marketing, and more.

We believe that freelancers deserve to be paid fairly and promptly for their hard work, which is why we offer a range of payment options designed to meet the needs of both clients and freelancers. Our platform supports traditional payment methods like bank transfers and PayPal, as well as more innovative options like bitcoin-lightning payment.

We are dedicated to supporting the professional development of our freelancers and helping them succeed in their careers. In addition to facilitating smooth payment, we offer resources and tools to help them improve their skills, grow their networks, and achieve their goals. We are proud to offer an avenue for individuals to acquire bitcoin and participate in the growing bitcoin economy, and we hope that our platform will help to create a more inclusive and equitable financial system.


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